12th Meet and Greet with Daniel Costa


Why did you decide to join Fairwalter?

I decided to join Fairwalter because I found the project quite interesting and challenging in the sector of real estate and also the possibility to interact remotely with foreign cultures with different cultural work mentality backgrounds.

What are your main responsibilities?

I have a developer role in Fairwalter, so my main responsibilities are developing new features, fixing bugs, ensuring the quality assurance of everything that is developed by me and other developers and helping them whenever is necessary.

How was your onboarding process?

My on-boarding process was quick and easy without too much bureaucracy, on my first day I was presented to the team and inline work methods and tools that I was going to use.

What are the biggest challenges in starting to work remotely? Did change something in your lifestyle?

I had already worked remotely when the pandemic started and it was a complete disruptive change from day to night but with time I started to get used, sometimes you miss working together at the same office and lunching out on Friday.

How is your daily routine?

Usually I get up at 7:30, take my breakfast before I check-in at 8am, I have my lunch at 1pm to 2pm and end my work around 5pm.

How do you keep in contact with your team?

Mostly by chat applications like Slack, but usually for more formal and scheduled meetings we use TeemyCo for conferences using our cameras and microphones in an attempt to simulate a real on-site experience.

What is the biggest advantage of starting to work remotely at a company?

I have to admit that the biggest advantage is to have more time to myself by not having to commute to work, especially when you live more than 50 km away from the office needing more than 2 hours to make the path home-office-home.

How Lisbon Tech Guide supported you in this stage?

The company Lisbon Tech Guide helped me by introducing me to Fairwalter and making the process easier between Fairwalter and me by having the contractual part done with any unneeded complications and by providing me with the informatic equipment that I need for this job.

Date published
April 7, 2022
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