13th Meet and Greet with João Campos


Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Hi, my name is João, and I’m part of the Product Team of Grover, a start-up based in Berlin. I’m a Product Designer in a group that’s currently supporting our B2B team with internal tools and working on improving the experience of our Business customers. Exciting stuff!

Why did you decide to join Grover?

We have to go back in time a little bit. Late in 2019, while living in Berlin, I had just finished a UX/UI Design Bootcamp and was looking for my first role as a Designer. Out of the offers I got, Grover was a perfect match. They had a small but solid Design team; the product was full of potential, and, overall, I felt a natural click for their brand.

How has Lisbon Tech Guide supported you?

In Jan 2021, when I relocated to Portugal, Grover didn't have the option for a supported contract in Portugal, so I had to work as a Freelancer. Lisbon Tech Guide stepped in a bit later, and they've just made the transition to a supported contract as seamless as it could have been. Caetana and Sebastião were there for every contractual question I had. Furthermore, LXTG's flexibility to adapt and match Grover's contractual conditions was key for a positive outcome.

Since then, Caetana has my back all the time. But, in all fairness, things are so simple that I have nothing to point out, no bumps or hiccups. Just smooth sailing—and that's great!

In practice, what are the most significant changes you feel between working as a contractor and as a full-time employer?

I just got a load of work out of my shoulders. No need to send monthly invoices to Grover's accounting team and way less work and time spent from my side on "Portal das Finanças" to keep everything in order.

What is the biggest advantage of working full-time now?

I can just focus on doing my work. Bureaucracy and tax concerns are no longer part of my monthly routine. And I feel supported by both Grover and Lisbon Tech Guide, which is very reassuring.

Date published
April 7, 2022
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