6th Meet and Greet with Ruben Santos


Why did you decide to join The Storefront?

I was looking for a job in a startup where I could work with the latest web technologies. It was essential to find a company with a great product and team. The Storefront was everything I was looking for and even more, for instance, working 100% remotely with an international team.

What are your main responsibilities?

I work as a Backend Developer, which means I am responsible for the server-side logic of all our different applications.

How was your onboarding process?

My onboarding process went well. The team was ready to receive me and had a plan of what I should do in the following days. They are always willing to help, and that made the process even easier.

What are the biggest challenges in starting to work remotely? Did change something in your lifestyle?

The biggest challenge is definitely communication. I think sometimes it can be hard. The last months of my previous job were remote, so I was already used to it and didn't change anything.

How is your daily routine?

I wake up at 8 am, start working at 9 am, have my lunch at 12 pm and finish work at 6 pm. In that period, my work is divided into calls, coding, and planning my work. After work, I always read a non-fiction book for at least 1 hour and go to the gym. It is crucial to exercise your mind and body.

How do you keep in contact with your team?

Through Slack and Email. We have daily meetings.

What is the biggest advantage of starting to work remotely at a company?

Saving time and money.

How Lisbon Tech Guide supported you in this stage?

Lisbon Tech Guide was fundamental in the whole process. They are always available to help, and they ensure that I am happy with my job. Whatever you need, they will be there, and I am very grateful for their support.

Date published
April 7, 2022
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