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Carolin Wend and Nate Geier, Co-Founders at

It has always been a dream of Nate Geier and I, both founders of Mintbase, to scale our company in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is a beautiful city with lots of opportunities regarding tech talent and personal growth. For us as a blockchain company, the Portuguese legislation is very favorable and attracts many crypto nomads from all over the world. Besides the obvious benefits of beautiful nature and delicious food, the ambitious entrepreneurial tech culture is a perfect setting for successful business operations.

When moving to a different country without any Portuguese language skills, the most important aspect is to have a partner who you can trust and communicate with. For us, transparency on pricing, processes and expectations need to be clear in order for this to work for both sides.

When we decided to move from Berlin to Lisbon, I researched the web and found several companies that offer incorporation services in Lisbon. I talked to about 7 different companies, but Lisbon Tech Guide was different from the rest.

First of all, Sebastiao is one of the founders and has built several startups in Portugal but also in Switzerland. He knows how hard it is to establish business operations abroad and for that reason, really knows what you need.

Furthermore, the Lisbon tech guide team is very well connected in the Lisbon tech scene and always goes a step further. Sebastiao and Caetana connected us with several people and let us access their networks. We also had some personal items that we needed to store in Lisbon before we actually arrived there and both were super helpful and professional and stored our personal belongings for us.

The services that Lisbon Tech Guide are helping us with are:

  • Incorporation of a subsidiary of our American company Mintbase Inc.
  • Visa services for our employees.
  • Payroll services.
  • Employment contracts and advisory.
  • Bureaucratic necessities (tax number, registration, bank account openings).
  • The list goes on. Besides offering the services, they advise on several matters and guide us in the right direction. We are very happy with our partnership and can highly recommend working with them. On a personal level, Sebastiao and Caetana are great humans who we trust and are looking forward to working together with them for years to come. Thank you so much for all your support on this journey. We are excited to be growing with you!

    This article was written by Carolin Wend, Co-Founder at

    Date published
    April 7, 2022
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