Salary expectations for the Tech sector in Portugal

You already know from our previous blog post that the jobs of the future include a great deal of (new) tech professionals, so, there is space for growth and new opportunities in the industry. This means, both steady career paths and a valued compensation should be on your horizon but what do the salaries look like for the major tech roles in Portugal? If the cost of living is much lower in Portugal, it is wise to wonder if the same applies to your salary.

The minimum wage in Portugal in 2020 is 635€ and the average Portuguese salary is around 900€, the lowest in western Europe. However, it is widely known that the tech industry does not compare when it comes to the average salaries in the country, assuming a much favourable spot in guaranteeing higher earnings than most industries. As there are emerging positions to fill with highly qualified and experienced talent, companies are stepping up their offerings so as not to lose prospect candidates to competitors. There are also many multinationals transitioning to Portugal, setting up skills centres, creating hundreds of new jobs.

It’s the law of supply and demand that prevents salaries in the tech business to stay higher.

We have gathered our insider data from our platform to bring you a breakdown of the salaries for the positions in the highest demand this year.


At Lisbon Tech Guide we want to help you find the position you are looking for in a top-quality company, with a salary that goes according to the market. We will continue to provide transparent wage information so that talent and companies stay informed, keeping the ecosystem fair in its competitiveness.

Date published
April 7, 2022
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