Wherenext - The fair recruitment platform that brings companies closer to talent

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The days of relying on human resources to magically attract the best candidates are gone! It is time to engage the community, take advantage of the height of virtual collaboration, and increase what there is to gain for everyone involved in the hiring process. That is why Lisbon Tech Guide is proud to announce a new solution: Wherenext.

Wherenext is a fair recruitment platform that brings companies closer to talent through recommendation-based recruitment.

What is Wherenext, its mission and values

At Wherenext, we believe that all professionals deserve to be truly rewarded for the value of their work. We want to present an alternative to the traditional recruitment companies, put an end to precarious work, and give everyone the opportunity to earn extra money.

The platform is based on the concept of "crowd recruitment". This form of recruitment takes advantage of technology to delegate subcontracting to a large group of "workers" rather than a single worker, as is common in human resources. At Wherenext, one person recommends another for an open position, and both parties win a bonus for each successful hire.

Part of the purpose of offering a signing bonus is to help companies make it easier for people to accept offers as Wherenext can increase their salary.

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To whom?

Increasingly qualified professionals are the promise for the future of work, and technology appears as one of the allies in this process. Not only in the case of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) but also linked to other areas such as Human Resources, Marketing, and Sales. This is why Wherenext is open to all professionals and everyone in the world.

  • For Scouts (people referring) For people willing to help their friends land the job of their dreams, it is possible to earn up to €5,000 if the candidate is selected. This amount corresponds to 2.5% of the salary of the employee they referred and helped to hire, much higher than what is currently practised by other companies.

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Your referral code can be found in your account, and you just have to share it with your friends:

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  • For Players (job seekers) Job seekers, or as we call them - Players, have access to the best job offers from international companies and startups. Like in the world of soccer, they have a signing bonus of 7.5% of their annual salary, rewarding the value of their work.

At “Job offers” you have all currently open job positions:

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And you can apply to as many opportunities as you’d like:

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The referral code given by your friend is inserted at this phase for you to get your 7,5% bonus and your friend 2,5%:

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Check all your applications at your profile and see its status:

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  • For companies looking to hire In addition to capturing qualified and recommended talent, companies see the time and costs spent on recruiting decreased. The retention rate increases since people feel more attracted to accept practical proposals and more benefits such as the signing bonus. Wherenext works with no upfront cost. We only promise what we can get, and that is why the fee of 15% of the 1st year salary is only paid when you hire.

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We work with credited fastest-growing tech startups and big industry players, whose identification is always available on the platform. Currently, the hiring companies are international. Most of them offer the possibility of remote work, which is a plus since many people want to work remotely as a result of the pandemic.

More than is necessary to encourage good benefits for hiring and attracting talent, it is essential to increase what there is to gain - for who recommends, who is hired, and even the company that employs. That is why we want to bring the fairest recruitment model to the job market!

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Date published
April 7, 2022
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