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Lisbon is the ideal city for your business

Lisbon is going to be the next Silicon Valley and this is not just according to us. What used to be a question of gastronomy, good weather, affordable standard of living and security is now a great deal more than that. Acclaimed by the main international players, Lisbon is the city of the moment: from the technical engineering universities which now rank among the highest worldwide, to skilled labour and talent worthy of recognition, through its strategic location in close proximity to the main decision-making centres and the same time zone as our friendly city, London. Lisbon is not a just a fad. Lisbon is here to stay.

The giants’ technological centres have already moved to Lisbon: Mercedes-Benz, Google, Amazon are but a few examples of this. Some technological actors from within also stand out in the international sphere: companies like Veniam, Talkdesk, Feedzai, Outsystems and many others whose first steps were taken in the Portuguese capital and have now conquered the world.

So, what seems to be the problem?

One of the greatest inconveniences for a company looking to set up a business in another city is having to compromise work effort and focus on its product and/or service due to bureaucracy. Lisbon Tech Guide acts as a local partner for business with a view to streamlining and expediting processes. An operating team available 100% of the time, with the benefit of having a strong contact network built up over years of experience in the industry.

From nearshore to the implementation of businesses in Lisbon

The Code Venture was the starting point for Lisbon Tech Guide. Back in 2016, we started our business by setting up nearshoring teams and development of innovation projects for foreign companies, and very quickly came to the conclusion that the companies’ needs went far beyond the technological product. There had to be a partner who could search for and manage a team in Portugal. Lisbon Tech Guide was the complementary component needed by The Code Venture where doing business is concerned.

We are the operating team for any company looking to build a team in Portugal and, as such, it is necessary to evaluate the reality of the business as a whole: we designed a strategic plan to understand the aim, needs and goals so as to come up with an effective plan of action.

Our team has already followed up on the first steps taken by several development teams and the launching of countless start-up companies. We built bridges to connect what Portugal has to offer with companies from other countries like Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany and Belgium. We set up a solid network with the entrepreneurial and business fabric and gained the trust of the local designer and programmer community which may well be the perfect fit for your company.

From recruiting to budget planning through to advice on Tech Visas, our team has all the necessary tools to become the perfect partner when it comes to facing up to the challenges and opportunities that your business may come across.

Based in Lisbon and in Switzerland, Lisbon Tech Guide via The Code Venture is an Executive Member of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal.

Date published
April 7, 2022
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