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Digital Nomad Visa

Visa for remote workers wishing to live in Portugal for up to one year and avoid double IRS taxation - in Portugal and in the country of origin.

Portugal offers a one-year visa for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens aimed at digital nomads. It allows foreigners to stay legally in Portugal while working remotely, either with a subordinate link (work contract) or an independent link, for a natural or legal person based outside Portugal.

What are the benefits?

With this regime, dependent or self-employed workers for high-value-added professions have their income taxed at 20%, as opposed to the 50% that can be applied to Portuguese workers with the progressive rate. Also, another significant selling point is that Digital Nomad visa holders can travel visa-free throughout the Schengen Area. After the one-year period, they can apply for residency and stay longer in the country.​​

Family members of a Digital Nomad Visa applicant can apply for a visa to accompany the primary applicant when the family travels from the same country of origin.


Management consulting

Minimum Wage of €2,836/month

The visa requires the applicant to receive four times the Portuguese minimum wage.

Management consulting

Proof of Income for the Past 3 Months

It is required that you prove that you can provide for yourself during your stay and that you are not a burden to Portugal.

Management consulting

Employment Contract

It is necessary to present an employment contract or promise of an employment contract and a declaration from the employer proving the employment relationship.

Management consulting

Proof of Tax Residency

Applicants must prove a non-EU national residency attesting that the person is considered a tax resident in the current fiscal year.

Trading the “couch office” for a Portuguese beach is now a real possibility. Give Lisbon Tech Guide a call if you’d like to come to Portugal under this new visa.

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