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Highly Qualified Visa

Portugal wants to attract skilled tech labour and boost the country's technology sector.

Portugal has created a regime to seek a more effective and efficient granting process of residence visas/permits for highly qualified immigrants who already have a promise or a work contract in sight with national companies.

Lisbon Tech Guide will assist you when applying for this visa and arrange all documentation and requirements. This visa allows the holder and their family to enter the Portuguese territory for work purposes and establish residence.

After this visa expires, and if you would like to extend your stay in Portugal, you will have to apply for a Residence Permit for Portugal and the European Union (EU) Blue Card - which is the Residence Permit for highly qualified professionals with European scope.

What is a highly qualified activity?

A highly qualified activity is one whose exercise requires specialised technical skills of an exceptional nature or an adequate qualification for the practice of the function.
More specifically, the European Commission considers that the highly qualified activity is that exercised by professionals falling into either of the two lower groups:

  • Skilled professionals: engineers and scientists, health professionals, teachers, business and management professionals, information and communication technology professionals, cultural professionals, skilled workers in agriculture and animal production, fishery and hunting, construction and crafts workers, and plant and machine operators;
  • Other professionals: Directors and managers of companies that promote productive investment.

Tech Visa: Special Visa for IT Professionals

Tech Visa is a programme that aims to make the process of granting visas faster for highly qualified immigrants working in the area of technology and innovation through the certification of contracting companies.

Thus, information technology professionals, such as software engineers, data scientists, programmers, designers, and infrastructure architects, among others, currently in high demand by companies in Portugal, have come to rely on this even more special visa.

To be eligible, the candidate must be recruited by companies that have joined the Tech Visa programme at the Portuguese Ministry of Economy. Companies must follow specific criteria in order to receive certification, demonstrating that they fit in with the objectives of the Tech Visa Programme and meet the requirements set out in the particular Ordinance for this purpose.

Lisbon Tech Guide is a Tech Visa certified company by IAPMEI.

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