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Professional Employer Organisation

With Lisbon Tech Guide as your PEO, you are given HR experts without the fixed costs of employing someone to do HR jobs.

Have access to a team with extensive experience in HR, legal, tax, client services, and accounting that can cost-effectively guide you through the challenges of compliantly hiring international employees, compensating according to local laws and regulations, and, if it becomes necessary, compliantly terminating employees to reduce risk.

Why a Professional Employer Organisation?

Management consulting

Scale your business

Successfully expand to a growing market without having to set up your own entity 

Management consulting

Reduce costs

Reduce the costs of administering benefits

Management consulting


Streamline payroll operations

Lisbon Tech Guide will handle the following:

Management consulting

HR services

Handle comprehensive HR services for employers, including salary negotiation, payroll processing, HR compliance, risk management, employee benefits, employment taxes, and time and attendance management

Management consulting

Help reduce liability

Help reduce liability for payment of wages, payroll taxes, and state unemployment taxes

Management consulting

Employee recruitment

Assist with employee recruitment with the recruitment services of the platform WhereNext, ensuring that you find the right talent to help you grow your business.

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Base Maturity

Extraordinary remuneration

Other income dirty the IRS and SS

Other dirty income only the IRS

Other exempt income

Social Security Fee

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Daily value


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